Safer towns at night

The Crime Risk Management team at BRE has developed a Safer Town Centres toolkit and consultancy service to help those involved in the night time economy reduce the problems of alcohol-related violence and disorder. 

Based on extensive research by BRE, the toolkit has been approved by the Home Office and welcomed by the Police & Partnership Standards Unit. It stresses the need for joined-up thinking by those responsible for the wide ranging policies involved in managing town centres at night – including lighting, CCTV, planning, health, transport, licensing of premises, street vendors and taxis, police, street maintenance, and many other issues.


Mike Roys, Principal Consultant at BRE, said: “This toolkit brings all the aspects that influence alcohol-related violence and disorder in town centres at night into one place. By following the simple instructions priority for action can be easily determined.”


Freely available at, it is hoped that the toolkit will encourage thought and action and stimulate debate. As town centre legislation and knowledge are in a continuous state of change, the toolkit will be modified and updated on a regular basis.


The toolkit developers, BRE’s Crime Risk Management team, provide independent and professional crime reduction and crime prevention services. They carry out detailed scientific assessments and draw up action plans to reduce or remove crime and disorder problems. 

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