Safeguard against bugs

With the recent alert to the Cryptosporidium water bug present in drinking water in the Northamptonshire region, PHS Waterlogic’s UV technology provides the ideal solution to this drinking water crisis without the need to boil the water first.
PHS Waterlogic coolers use an in-tank UV-c water purification process, combined with a one micron filter, to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. This technology is scientifically proven to destroy 99.999% of water borne bacteria, without adding any chemicals or removing beneficial minerals from the water.
Although the one micron filters included in PHS WL units are sufficient to act as a physical barrier to the vast majority of Cryptosporidium, the additional UV-c light used in this filtration process is the recommended and most effective way to eliminate the Cryptosporidium parasite. 
Installing a PHS Waterlogic mains fed unit is both simple and cost effective and can provide an added line of defence for organisations where a duty of care prevails. By integrating PHS Waterlogic’s UV technology in the workplace, businesses can eliminate the costly risk of down-time whilst the necessary solutions are put in place.

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