Safe simple system

Versatility is the keynote of the DobyGrip Wire Suspension System now available from Doby Verrolec.
DobyGrip is designed for fast, safe and cost-effective installation of ductwork – and other systems. A choice of wire rope lengths means that no cutting or joining is required as with traditional threaded rods.
The external cable release ensures easy height adjustment at any time.
The heavy-duty system – tested to a 5:1 safety factor – is ideal for suspending both rectangular and circular ductwork systems in accordance to HVCA DW/144 Specification. However, applications also extend into other areas of building services including electrical cabling and lighting.
Using the DobyGrip system is both safe and simple. Once the most suitable DobyGrip unit and cable size for the particular load have been selected, the tail is passed over (or through) the overhead suspension point and then through the preformed running loop in the cable end.
The free tail end is then passed through DobyGrip unit with its sintered steel gripping wheels and through the anchor point on the product to be suspended. Lastly the tail is passed once more up through the DobyGrip for adjustment and levelling.

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