Safe and sound with Grundfos FireSAFE

When a fire broke out at breakfast time in a high-rise residential tower in Manchester recently, it was fully occupied. The building had been completed in 2019 and had two Grundfos FireSAFE sets installed as part of the fire suppression system, these units are built and tested at the Grundfos manufacturing plant in Sunderland.

These Grundfos FireSAFE form part of the domestic fire range and deliver a compact, consumer and installer friendly response to the growing demand for domestic fire suppression systems. Models comply with BS9251:2014 and are WRAS approved and can be used in a variety of domestic installations including houses, apartments, sheltered and student accommodation, care homes and small hotels.

In this instance, despite the significant  demand for water, the pump sets didn’t simply supress the fire, but successfully extinguished it and when the fire brigade arrived, they found there was no need for further action as they didn’t need to plug into the installed Grundfos wet riser system.

These sets offer a great range of features such as simple installation and commissioning, a compact size, minimal maintenance, combined with their advanced system controller and in-built self-test makes these the ideal solution in many situations, as was clearly depicted by the excellent outcome at the fire incident in Manchester. For more information on the whole range visit

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