Sabien’s M2G gains US Department of Energy validation

sabienFollowing field trials, the US Department of Energy (DoE) has confirmed that Sabien’s M2G boiler load optimisers deliver significant energy savings – up to 14% in these trials – when retrofitted to hot water boilers.

Sabien M2Gs, distributed in the USA by Greffen Systems, were used in the DoE’s ‘Building America Case Study’, which installed and monitored ‘advanced load monitoring’ (ALM) aftermarket controllers in Chicago. All of the boiler systems were also fitted with weather compensation controls. The M2Gs were shown to operate in harmony with these to increase the energy savings already being achieved through weather compensation.

Greffen Systems CEO Frank Salensky added: “The Department of Energy’s validation means government affirmation of a key tool for saving money. For those Chief Sustainability Officers and Energy Managers of industrial and commercial buildings who are seeking the next tier of proven solutions, the M2G is an exciting tool.”

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