Russian Gas Giant Gazprom Benefits From UK Water Treatment Technology

Gazprom is one of the largest energy companies in the world but despite chemically treating its water it still suffered severe limecsale  scaling in its pipework and hot water heaters  from the hard water supply  at its gas compressor plant in Cherepovets  350 miles north of Moscow.

Engineers having heard of UK based Fluid Dynamics  non chemical anti scaling system ordered a MAGCAT  treatment system to see if they could eliminate chemical descaling and also prevent new scale forming.

The engineers cut out a section of pipe and  measured the build up of scale in the existing pipework.

They then installed a MagCAT unit and suspended  all chemical treatment.  After six months  the engineers re opened the pipeline and were amazed to discover that not only had no new scale formed in the pipeline but  more than 70% of the existing deposit had been reabsorbed back into the water stream.

The effect of the descaling and scale prevention system was such that Gazprom saved energy in terms of improved heat transfer in the hot water boilers for the site and also the pumps had to work less hard to push the water through the system.

Fluid Dynamics is the UK’s no 1 exporter on non chemical water treatment systems .. eliminating the problems of hard water scaling without using any chemicals.  Customers of this unique environment friendly technology include Walmart , Kimberley Clark, Kempinski  Hotels , Cambridge University Waitrose and many more. In May the company received enquiries  from Kraft foods, Proctor and Gamble and Cargill Chemicals.  The success in Gazprom  has brought an order from Ural Steel one of Russia’s largest Steel manufacturers.

New Non Chemical Anti _Legionella System

Fluid Dynamics has also recently launched its Biokleeen non chemical anti legionella system  for combating legionnaires disease .. already used by Bristol Royal Infirmary and the Prime Minister’s house at Chequers .. Fluid Dynamics has just won a contract to supply its non chemical Biokleen system to protect a fountain at Butlins holiday  hotel from legionella as well as a contract from Singapore to protect a cooling tower from Legionella.  Robert Spencer who founded Fluid Dynamics almost 40 years ago says” when we started our non-chemical water treatment business.. everyone wanted to use chemicals .. now realising the damage all these chemicals do to the environment  never mind the hazards associated with handling them   we are seeing a rush of business as responsible companies take the environment friendly option. This month we will export to the USA , Argentina, Venezuela, Ireland, France, Mexico and even Guam in the South Pacific.  More details from

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