Router connects drives

Drives can now be easily connected to a HVAC system with BACnet, using a new IP router from ABB. The RBIP-01 router eliminates the need for gateways and is compatible with all ABB HVAC drives, including older product generations.

The RBIP-01 router transfers data between the IP network and MS/TP (RS-485), a network standard used by many devices in HVAC installations, such as drives. Unlike a gateway, the router does not interpret data or translate from one language into another, but simply passes on the data from one medium to another. This makes the router much easier to set up than a gateway and ensures that no information is lost during the transfer.

To configure the RBIP-01 router, the user only needs to set the IP address. No tools or cables are needed, apart from an Ethernet cable that connects to a PC. The configuration window opens in an ordinary web browser, eliminating the need for special software. The RBIP-01 module can be named freely for easy access on the network.

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