Rinnai takes to the field

Wessington Cabins, a leading commercial manufacturer of portable offices, showers, and toilets blocks have installed Rinnai Infinity continuous flow gas water heaters for their latest delivery of top end temporary facilities.
Wessington shower units are constructed using glass reinforced plastic body panels, allowing high standards of maintenance and cleanliness. They satisfy the short-term need of many commercial organisations, to provide the necessary services when staging a public event like a show or a festival, or when site facilities are required on a construction or refurbishment site. They are likely to be seen at major air shows, outdoor concerts, motor racing, football, cricket & rugby hospitality, weddings, corporate events or general outdoor fairs.

Their portable shower units make the best use of the Rinnai heaters, with each cubicle being fitted with a shower, wash basin, small seat, hat and coat hooks, mirror and shelf. The Rinnai heating units are so efficient that all of the showers in a six cubicle unit can be used at once with no loss of temperature or pressure. If the water pressure is low, or the unit is connected to a Bowser for its water supply, a variable speed pump is fitted which maintains a constant pressure to the gas heaters and shower heads.

One Rinnai 26i, or two 16i continuous flow water heaters are the most popular choice for Wesssington Cabins as even the smaller unit is capable of simultaneously heating enough water for two showers, greater capacity being achieved by simply piggybacking more units as required. Because the water is heated as it comes through the unit, the supply is endless, and hence there will never be a cold shower for the last person in the queue! Also, compact size – about the same as a suitcase – means that it is a space saver, and does not require a large 600C storage tank, which would be impractical with space at such a premium.

Every unit has an integral user-selectable temperature controller which holds the water temperature within +/-1ºC of its set point, eliminating the risk of scalding, an essential health and safety consideration. Other heating units that have been used previously have not had this facility, forcing Wessington to fit an additional heat-sensing regulator into the system as an extra item, a cost which is unnecessary with the Rinnai units. And Infinity heaters, unlike most of their competitors, draw air for combustion from outside, via a co-axial flue. This means that the Infinity is room sealed and does not require the fitting of special extra air vents in the floor or walls

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