Riello UPS launch Master HP 600

Riello UPS has extended its successful Master HP UPS series to offer one of the most efficient 600kVA products on the market.

As one of the most efficient, flexible and reliable UPS systems available today, the Smart Grid ready, Master HP 600kVA is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding installations, offering the highest level of protection.

The Smart Active function utilised throughout the range allows the unit to monitor the condition of the mains power, and then selects the best operating mode to maintain resilience. In the new 600kVA model, this can increase operational efficiency to 99%.

When in a parallel redundant configuration, which is common in data centres and other mission critical applications, the Master HP Energy Saving function allows the intelligent management of energy consumption with a gradual activation of the UPS units.

General Manager of Riello UPS, Robin Koffler said: “The new 600kVA model was designed to meet the needs of clients who not only want secure and reliable power, but who are also sensitive to the overall running costs and efficiency of their facilities.”


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