Riello extends RX premix burner range

Riello has recently extended its RX range of premix packaged burners with numerous variants up to a 3 MW model, whilst still achieving NOx levels of less than 30mg/kWh, combined with very low noise output – . Riello RX premix burners feature a unique design that includes a patented woven wire gauze ‘sock’ covering the combustion head cylinder.

Unlike traditional pressure jet burners, in RX premix burners the gas and combustion air are mixed upstream of the combustion head. The mixture then passes through precision-located ports and the patented gauze ‘sock’ to ignite on the external surface of the combustion head. The result is a very compact flame with a diameter directly related to the burner firing rate, ensuring precise heat control and optimum efficiency at all loads.

Riello premix technology enables high turndown ratios of up to 8:1, making them ideal for systems with variable heat loads. RX burners can be used in conjunction with variable speed drive motors to reduce electricity consumption and lower noise levels even further than the typical 30% noise reduction compared to many other combustion applications. Control options include progressive two-stage operation and fully modulating via 0-10V or 4-20 mA.


For further information visit www.rielloburners.co.uk

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