Riegens proves ideal for Holland Park School

p10riegensThe breadth and versatility of Riegens Lighting’s product portfolio has proved ideal for meeting the diverse lighting requirements of the newly constructed Holland Park School in west London.

Products supplied include a number of bespoke designs created specifically for this project. Riegens worked closely with the projects’ lighting designers to ensure optimum lighting and energy performance in all of the spaces, facilitated by the use of DALI-based lighting controls throughout.

In classrooms, special suspended rafts have been created, with recessed luminaires and sensors integrated into 2200 x 900 x 103mm sound-absorbing panels. These bespoke luminaires have been developed to meet the requirements of Building Bulletin 93: Acoustic Design in Schools. They allow for a fully integrated services package in one fixture, supporting all normal classroom services including smoke and occupancy sensors, cameras, sprinklers etc. – as well as lighting and acoustic control – all combined in a slim planar pendant luminaire body.

Luminaires from Riegens’ Infinity range have also been applied widely. Bespoke wall-mounted Infinity luminaires with 2 x 28W T5 fluorescent lamps have been used in circulation areas, while the double-height ground floor dining area uses suspended Infinity fixtures (2 x 35W). Recessed Infinity 1 x 28W fittings have been installed in the ground floor entrance area.

Many other areas, including laboratories, workshops, meeting rooms, offices and kitchens, are using the Tarue range of luminaires, which features high performance diffusers with a back reflector system. Other Riegens luminaires supplied for the project include GEO – REC in the assembly hall, Corex Sport in the sports hall and Concido in several spaces including staff areas and changing rooms.

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