Rhinox Press Fittings

Rhinox USA! You might have heard this name earlier, for bringing innovation and manufacturing top- quality stainless steel tubes, pipes and fittings. A well-known brand in India, USA & now Worldwide. Managing all its operational activities from Washington & considered to be the world’s leading system provider in this segment. The brand is known for developing products that provide sustainable and smart plumbing solutions. Though there are lots of international brands in India that provide stainless steel plumbing. But when it comes to technology, Rhinox beat other brands with leaps & bound. Pipe connection parts are the most vulnerable in the pipeline system, most easy to cause an accident resulting direct economic loss and indirect loss. Therefore, connection used must be of top quality so you live a hassle-free life. The stainless steel pipe connection technology in the water supply system is considered best to date because of its safety, corrosion resistance & its reliability. This American stainless steel plumbing brand develops the best V-press and latest VV- press connection technology that we all know is class-leading. Talking about the “M” profile fitting, it allows 2 press points, while the “V” Profile fitting allows for 3 and “VV” Profile allows for 5 press points. This has a dramatic effect on the overall security and pressure rating of the actual joint. “VV” press connection technology is a revolution in the stainless steel pipe connection technology. It provides maximum safety & ensures the most reliable connection. This American brand stands out if I talk about other international brands, they use dated technology that is M-press, which just can’t match the reliability of the “VV” press connection technology. “V” press connection technology is present but for future we need something much more reliable and durable product that’s where the futuristic “VV” press connection technology comes in. Talking about Rhinox’s Fittings material, it is of En 1.4404 Grade Stainless steel with Wall thickness of 1.50 mm, Metric Sizing of 15 – 54 with laser etched marking & is also Double O-ring Fitted. Rhinox as far as I know uses modern machinery & has a factory that is completely automated so be sure to get a high- quality product that is world-class too. Rhinox offers installers a complete solution with great flexibility. The Rhinox “VV” press system consists of fittings, pipes, O-Rings, and Tools. If I talk about the tube material, it is again the best in its class. It again has En 1.4404 Stainless steel, is 320 Grit Polished & is En 10312 Compliant Tube. It has laser etched and Color marking.


Why Stainless Steel Pipes & Press Fittings?


The Most Hygienic Option

Polished stainless steel is free from oil, grease and any other corrosion-inducing materials. Since all RHINOX systems undergo rigorous testing the potential of leaks and contamination is minimized.

Avoid Leaks when Testing

Each RHINOX press fit component (up to and including 54mm) features a highly-visible crimp indicator to prevent substandard installations of competitors products of having to fill the pipes to test, then containing leaks, with subsequent draining fluids and clean-up.

Durability & Reliability

No maintenance is required after installation, reducing system down-time replacement and maintenance costs over the life cycle of the installation.

Improved Water Delivery

RHINOX stainless steel press fit system offers a level of simplicity no other industrial piping method can match. The press fit system slashes costs by up to 30 per cent, because expensive specialized labour and gas cylinders are not required for welding.

Improved Water Delivery

Rhinox stainless steel pipes and press fitting is resistant to corrosion, rust, chemical leaching and other types of post contamination, it delivers fresher, cleaner water to homes and commercial buildings


With world-class products, Rhinox provides world-class services too. Rhinox provides you with the facility of product consultation, on-site support & training, logistic management, after-sales service Revit MEP Library & Design Services. Rhinox’s every product is designed to give more efficiency, health & safety, better performance & can be customized according to one’s needs & requirements. Rhinox is a brand that provides sustainable, reliable & economical plumbing solutions with 24/7 technical support & delivers quality at your doorsteps wherever you may be living. Embrace the American Precision with Rhinox USA.

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