Reznor is flying high

Museum of FlightHeating and Ventilation specialists, Reznor, have successfully completed a project at the Museum of Flight in Edinburgh, home to the prestigious Concorde aircraft.

The project required an internal temperature of 23oC and an airflow of 8.7m³/s to provide a uniform coverage of the aircraft hangar.

The existing Nordair IDF unit provided an airflow of 8.7m3/s and needed to be modified with an inverter drive to ensure a soft start and gradual inflation of the three new Reznor Airmix ducts, keeping the original design layout of a ‘Y’ section to mirror the shape of Concorde.

The air distribution plenum was modified to include turning vanes and balancing dampers as this was critical to ensure each Reznor Airmix duct received an airflow of 2.9m3/s.

The Airmix high induction air distribution system is an innovative concept that is quick and easy to install, reliable and inexpensive in operation. It provides an evenly diffused distribution of warm or conditioned air and is ideal for large open spaces, warehouses, aircraft hangars or retail areas.

The system utilises a lightweight duct that has a large number of small outlet nozzles, either evenly spaced along the length of the duct or located in specific areas.

Air is introduced into the duct and forced out of the nozzles at high speed – thereby inducing surrounding air and recirculating “free heat” from lighting and heat that has risen to the roof space which would normally be wasted.

The result is a very evenly distributed heat at low air velocities and low noise levels, virtually eliminating excess heat stratification and the need for air re-circulation fans.

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