Revolution colour touchscreen

Combining sophisticated logic with a stunning appearance, the Philips Dynalite DTP100 Revolution colour touchscreen is a simple and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to manage aspects of their environment-including lighting and temperature. The fascia of the Revolution colour touchscreen can be matched to nearly any architectural surface, creating an elegant single-point-interface for intelligent indoor control.

With a tap on the LCD screen, the operator can execute simple and complex sequential logic macros. The inbuilt logic and time-clock also allow the user to configure schedules and sequences of timed events-automatically achieving desired levels of comfort and ambiance.

“The touchscreen is designed to make the user interface as simple and as easy-to-use as possible,” said Phil Main, Philips Dynalite residential segment manager. “It creates an elegant single access point for the end user to configure and control any aspect of their intelligent building automation system. They can also custom-modify pre-built lighting scenes, should they choose to do so.” Typical applications include homes, apartments, boardrooms and hotel rooms; the system is particularly effective for international hotels, in providing multiple language pages.

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