Residential Comfort Control from one Complete System

In today’s modern world where style is paramount, energy efficiency is vital and there is a real demand for networked systems, Titan Products’ residential control solutions will cater for your every need, bringing together intelligent communications, seamless operation and stylish user interfaces.

Comprising of the Titan NetMaster MS/TP to IP router, remote FCU/UFH controllers and a central station touch screen, Titan Products offer a complete, powerful and fully synchronised residential solution. The Central Control Station provides a user-friendly and flexible experience allowing every room within a property to be controlled from a single location. Temperature set points, control modes, holiday dates and time schedules can be set up easily and intuitively from the central station. The station can be fixed to a wall or mounted on a central enclosure within a utility cupboard and is provided with a 7” screen. When coupled with the NetMaster 2000 and remote FCU-503 controllers, the final system is a completely networked and energy efficient solution at an extremely attractive price point.  Remote access capabilities can also be added to the system by downloading the Titan App onto a smart device.

The FCU-503 controllers, which are supplied fully pre-configured for the project, hold all the control logic for the room. This removes the risk of a single point of control failure on the network, whilst effortlessly managing a range of functions including heating only, cooling only, combined heat/cool FCUs and combined FCU cooling/underfloor heating. Having the option to take care of all the comfort control requirements from one complete system reduces installation costs, aids energy efficiency and completely protects against the heating and cooling systems ‘fighting’ against each other. All FCU-503 controllers are supplied complete with native BACnet MS/TP communications, as standard, allowing for complete synchronisation with the NetMaster and Control Station along with seamless integration into building management or audio/visual systems.

For individual user adjustment within each room, the RDU-Touch can be added to work in unison with the Control Station. Powered directly from the FCU-503 controllers, via an RJ45 connection, , the RDU-Touch is the perfect interface for setting the temperature comfort conditions and control modes within a room. Control modes can easily be altered at a touch of the screen while the occupant can adjust the temperature set point and fan speeds within each room with ease. An integrated temperature sensor can also be supplied on the RDU-Touch to remove the need for remote room temperature sensors. The RDU-Touch has an attractive and intuitive touch screen interface and is offered in a number of high quality finishes. Project branding or bespoke features can also be added to the screens to give that extra dimension to the user experience.



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