Report shows “over a billion pounds of spend” in future district heating schemes

The UK Government Energy Investment Report published recently by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), reveals that there will be “over a billion pounds of investment spend in UK heat networks over the next 10 years”, according to the Danish Trade Council energy advisor in the UK.
“Danish businesses know that they are providing increasing amounts of district heating services and equipment to the UK, but this is the first time that an official estimate has put numbers on the expanding market here. This information is crucial to encourage economies of scale, inward investment and crucial expertise coming to the UK,” maintained Ian Manders, UK Policy Advisor on energy and energy efficiency to the Danish Trade Council, based in London.
The DECC report quotes a BSRIA estimate that the amount of capital invested in the UK district heating market so far has almost doubled from 2010 to a total of 215 million pounds this year.
The Report goes on to state that more than 90 local authorities in England and Wales are being part-funded by DECC to develop new, or expand existing, district heating schemes. If only half the plans go ahead, this still represents an £800m investment over 10 years.
“The DECC estimate of £800m does not include many of the private sector schemes, or Scotland, and therefore the UK district heating market is likely to be worth well over a billion pounds,” claimed Manders.
“This makes the UK district heating market very attractive for the Danish companies that have been building and supplying equipment to the city-wide heat networks back home. Already, several Danish-owned companies are active in the UK providing consultancy services, pipes and ancillary equipment”.
To mark the increase in opportunities in the UK the Danish Trade Council is organising a “District Heating Hub” at this year’s EcoBuild in March at London Excel, involving Danish businesses and others.

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