Replacing water heaters can save energy and reduce emissions

There have been many technological advances in direct gas-fired water heaters during the last 10 years; most modern high efficiency water heaters employ pre-mix burners and condensing technology, providing seasonal efficiencies of up to 98% (Gross CV).

A new high efficiency condensing water heater installation can provide a range of benefits to end user customers including:

  • A reduction in fuel consumption
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Reduced carbon and NOx emissions

The benefits are even greater when replacing older water heaters, that is, those with atmospheric non-condensing burners.

Lochinvar can provide no fewer than seven different gas-fired condensing water heater product ranges; they include storage or circulating-type, and floor standing or wall-hung ranges. Details can be found here

All products are designed upon the principles of low storage capacity and fast hot water recovery and the wide range provides hot water recovery rates ranging from 163 to almost 10,000 litres per hour.

They are therefore suitable for a wide range of commercial/industrial applications such as Schools, Sports changing facilities, Care homes, Retail and Factories.

SELECT, our direct gas-fired water heater sizing software is available for download or to use online and is designed to help choose the right water heater(s) for a range of project. To find out more about SELECT click here

Emergency water heater replacements

Wherever possible we would recommend upgrading to condensing water heaters wherever possible, and the range of flue options available with our condensing water heaters can often help

However we do recognise that the urgency of a water heater replacement can mean that a ‘like for like’ solution is preferred, and we have recently updated two of our traditional product ranges for such situations.

Charger low NOx and Knight low NOx are specifically designed to replace old atmospheric water heaters, whether they are Lochinvar products or other water heater brands. They will also provide the benefit of reduced NOx emissions compared with original models.

See here for further details

We know that availability is of particular importance for water heater replacements and we keep extensive stock of all popular models at our Banbury, UK facility. Delivery is usually within 2 working days and can be within 1 working day

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