Renewables and Smith’s fan convectors

Renewable technology grows apace, with ground source and air source heat pumps offering a viable alternative to boilers as the principal heat generator in both domestic and commercial applications. Inherent in the heat pump’s design is that the smaller the temperature between the heat source (air or ground) and the heat sink/emitter (under-floor heating, fan convector, radiator), the higher the energy efficiency of that heat pump. This higher efficiency means lower fuel bills and greater carbon savings. Smith’s fan convectors can work very effectively at system temperatures as low as 40°C. This allows your chosen heat pump to work close to its maximum levels of efficiency, which means it will reduce the user’s energy costs and energy consumption in the way it was intended. By contrast a standard radiator is designed to be efficient at higher temperatures, 45°C and above, which automatically reduces the heat pump’s efficiency by more than 10%. In addition, the size of the radiator has to be increased significantly to cope with the lower system temperatures.

For more information on how Smith’s range of heat emitters using fan convector technology can be used with renewable heat sources: 01245 324900

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