Renewable First as The Oxfordshire replaces oil with water

In a bold move away from expensive to run oil-fired boilers, The Oxfordshire Golf Club, Hotel & Spa is set to reduce its energy bills by one third as it switches to a far more economical and sustainable supplier – its own natural resources.

Working in close conjunction with Geyser Thermal Energy, The Oxfordshire’s building will, in just a few months’ time, be using water from one of the lakes on its golf course to provide its energy – instead of using oil boilers and be at the mercy of ever-increasing utility bills.

Without major disruption its luxury 50-bedroom hotel, spa and widely acclaimed golf course, the retrofit includes installation of high efficiency heat pumps. These are expected to reduce utility bills at The Oxfordshire by 33% in the first year, as General Manager Ryan Bezuidenhout explains:

“Backed by our forward-thinking owners, this exciting new investment is going to make a direct, positive impact on our bottom line and take a big step towards sustaining our business as we free ourselves from the inevitability of soaring utility bills”.

He added: “There are those in the leisure industry who think that this can only be achieved with new-build – but with the expertise of Geyser Thermal Energy, we are confident of seeing a very noticeable difference from the moment we switch on our new, much greener energy system”.

Geyser Thermal Energy’s design will immediately reduce the high-energy boiler use from 1160kW to less than 100kW (ultimately resulting in the complete removal of all boilers). Data will be supplied to The Oxfordshire so that the new system can be fine-tuned on an ongoing basis for optimum performance.


Ryan Bezuidenhout continued; “This is just the beginning. As we strive towards our long-term goal of reducing our dependence on the national grid, we’ve chosen technology that can easily be upscaled.  We also believe that our guests will feel all the more at home at a venue that is doing everything it can to be sustainable”.

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