Reliable control of AC units with Intesis Interfaces

Roomers, a premium hotel chain selects Intesis AC interfaces for the integration of HITACHI air conditioning units with the room controller.

In a 5-star luxury hotel in Munich with 280 rooms and suites, the owner chose Intesis AC interfaces for the integration of HITACHI air conditioning units to a local room controller and with a third-party premium design thermostat. Roomers was looking for a robust and reliable solution to meet their guests’ high expectations (e.g. C-level business executives, air crews and professionals). It was outmost important to ensure a fast commissioning since the hotel was already in operation in order to have the rooms available in the shortest time possible. Therefore, the simplicity of the installation was a key aspect for the tenant. Additionally, the seamless integration of the HITACHI AC units with the room controller to obtain the best possible performance (i.e. low-noise operation and optimal temperature control for maximum comfort) was a strong prerequisite for the solution they were looking for. Another important aspect was to ensure a fast reaction time since their guests expect the aircon unit to start working as soon as they press the button. Intesis individual AC interface for HITACHI to Modbus was the perfect choice for Roomers to fulfill all the project requirements.

How it works:
Intesis Air Conditioning interfaces build up a portfolio of highly reliable gateways for HVAC integration, co-developed with all major AC manufacturers, tested and validated by them. The Hitachi to Modbus AC interface allows fully bi-directional communication between Hitachi VRF systems and Modbus RTU networks, acting as a Modbus slave towards the room controller. It offers monitoring and control capabilities over the common signals of the AC unit such as on/off, temperature setpoint, mode, fan speed and vane position, but it also offers access to advanced internal parameters such as error codes and maintenance information.
Installation is simple on a DIN rail or even wall-mounted. Thanks to its reduced dimensions it takes few space on the electrical cabinet. No external power supply is required since the interface is powered by the AC unit directly. Easy configuration with DIPswitches or via Modbus registers if preferred.

Intesis Air Conditioning Interfaces
Intesis offers high quality Air Conditioner interfaces for the integration of climate systems into BACnet, KNX, Modbus and 2.4 GHz wireless installations.
Enjoy the benefit of working with the market leader in the field of Air Conditioning integration that offers highly reliable solutions developed in collaboration with all major AC manufacturers.

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