Rehau publishes first sustainability report

REHAU has published its first sustainability report setting out its achievements and objectives in terms of corporate strategy, environmentally friendly and energy efficient products, resource efficiency and employee satisfaction.

The 44 page report is available to download from the website and can be viewed online as a PDF or e-book.

As a world leader in the design and production of renewable energy and green building solutions, the report details REHAU’s commitments in terms of producing, distributing and storing energy. It also covers the sustainability drivers which are helping to shape REHAU’s on-going product development programme and the company’s ecological undertakings with regard to its manufacturing and recycling processes.

It includes a focus on REHAU’s global procurement activities and the impact these are having on making REHAU a greener business, and recognises the contribution made by staff on both a social and cultural level.

As well as establishing its current credentials, REHAU has also set out its ambitious objectives and targets for reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption by 2020.

REHAU expects the report and its contents to be used to inform specifications and to help customers in tendering for contracts.


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