Rehau launches new campaign to “build your Legacy”

REHAU has launched ‘Build Your Legacy’, a brand-new campaign designed to encourage Mechanical and Electrical contractors to consider how the product choices they make today will impact on a building’s performance in years to come.

The campaign incorporates a range of print and digital marketing media, all highlighting the four key areas where choosing the right products can support the delivery of future-proofed, sustainable buildings.

Quality addresses how choosing products manufactured to the highest standards offers peace of mind for contractors, who can be confident that once installed these components are up to the job and won’t fail.

Technical Knowhow refers to how contractors should consider the current and future needs of a building during the specification process.

Trust and Reliability looks at why contractors should be choosing products they know they can trust to deliver on performance.

Innovation and Sustainability addresses the need to find creative ways to heat and cool buildings, so they remain relevant and as efficient as they can be as technologies advance.

To illustrate and discuss these key areas in more detail, REHAU’s ‘Build Your Legacy’ campaign is currently creating a series of engaging videos which feature My Best Project stories.

REHAU will also be issuing free downloadable guides as part of the Build Your Legacy campaign.

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