REHAU gears up to host ‘The Hot Debate’

This June, polymer pipes specialist, REHAU is gearing up to host a free to attend event on the trending topic of 4th Generation District Heating. The event, ‘4th Generation – The Hot Debate’ will bring together six expert speakers from across the industry to discuss and debate the benefits and advantages of 4th Generation heat networks in the UK.

The line-up of expert speakers at the event will be giving their perspectives on all things district heating in a series of talks and debates throughout the day. The speaker line-up will first give their perspectives in a short presentation following which will be two sessions of interactive debates.

REHAU’s own Alexandra Ivanchuk will be leading a talk on the ‘Effects of 4th Generation on the CAPEX of a heat network’, closely followed by a debate with other speakers on the various subjects of 4th Generation District Heating.

Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing and Technical for REHAU’s Building Solution division, said: “The importance of district heating has grown in prevalence in recent years especially following recent government pledges. Suffice to say that the UK district heating industry is at a key junction in its journey – with HNIP funding announcements due in 2019 as well.

“As an industry we therefore need to ensure designers, installers and developers alike are designing and building efficient networks. REHAU has acknowledged the importance of district heating and has, for several years now driven forward best practice in heat network design. We are incredibly excited to host this event and create a platform for the best in the industry to discuss and debate on how we need to operate as we step into the future.”

REHAU has a catalogue of products which support the use of district heating. Its popular RAUTHERMEX and RAUVITHERM PE-Xa ranges are known for their flexibility and thermal performance whilst the recently introduced large diameter PP-R range allows for designers to specify a fully polymer network up to 355mm.

REHAU’s 4th Generation District Heating event will be taking place on 19th June at The Building Centre in Store Street, London. The event is free to attend but spaces are limited so get registered early to avoid disappointment.

For further information on the event, please visit—the-hot-debate

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