Regulations cannot be ignored

By January 2009, all air conditioning systems with a cooling capacity of 250 kW or more must have been inspected to comply with the Energy Performance in Buildings Regulations. This aspect of the Regulations must not be ignored, warns CIBSE, despite the current focus on Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates.
These air conditioning systems must be inspected by a competent person who is a member of an accredited scheme such as the one operated by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). The assessment will look at how efficiently the systems are operating and should also highlight any routine maintenance problems with units. All other systems must be inspected no later than January 2011.
CIBSE Certification now provides an accredited air conditioning assessor scheme for complex systems. For simple systems building owners and operators will probably look to their installers or maintenance professionals to carry out the work. A scheme covering simple systems is being run by BESCA.
To become accredited, individuals with appropriate experience should apply to CIBSE Certification Ltd using the application form on the website. In order to familiarise applicants with the provisions of the regulations, CIBSE is running a training course entitledAir conditioning inspection for complex buildings to meet the occupational standard’.
This accreditation scheme is part of a range of accreditations being offered by CIBSE Certification including that for Low Carbon Energy Assessors who will be trained and accredited to produce Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). All Low Carbon Energy Assessors will undertake regular CPD to ensure an ongoing high quality of service.

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