Refrigerant report now available

Bitzer’s commitment to the research and development of environmentally friendly refrigeration and air conditioning systems is reflected in the regular publication of their renowned Refrigerant Report. Edition sixteen has now been published and the 39 page publication provides a precise and unbiased guide to all current refrigerant alternatives.

The latest Refrigerant Report highlights the fact that there have been drastic changes to refrigeration technology over the last twenty years as a result of environmental pressures. In the field of refrigerants, there has been a continual development of HCFCs, HFCs, Refrigerant Blends, Halogen Free Refrigerants as well as Special Blends whilst the emergence of TEWI as a recognised method of calculating the environmental impact of a refrigeration system has come to the fore.

The Refrigerant Report 16 considers all of these factors and is an indispensable guide to all contractors, specifiers, distributors, manufacturers and end users looking for independent advice. Copies are available free of charge from Bitzer UK or can be downloaded from the website.

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