REFCOM backs new legislation

REFCOM is backing recently announced Government proposals for mandatory qualifications for refrigerant handlers.

The qualifications will ensure all UK companies active in refrigerant handling comply with the ODS regulations EC2037/2000, ahead of the proposed F-Gas regulation currently under consultation.

REFCOM scheme co-ordinator, Steve Crocker, said: “It looks certain that the current wording proposed by AREA for Article 5 Training & Certification will be accepted. There will be minimum requirements and conditions for training programmes and certification for both companies and operatives that align with Articles 3 Inspection, 4 Recovery, and 11 Sanctions.”

He continued: “As an advocate for mandatory registration, REFCOM is delighted to hear that the Government is now pushing through this new legislation. Anything we can do ahead of the F-Gas regulation, due in autumn 2007, will provide a barrier to ‘rogue’ operators that only damage our industry’s good name. This move should be welcomed with open arms. The RAC sector must make every effort to show that its house is in order. This will prevent any future automatic wholesale withdrawal of HFCs should leakage statistics not reflect minimisation of emissions to the earth’s atmosphere.”

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