Red Stag Materials awarded position on ESPO Framework

Red Stag Materials have been awarded a position on the ESPO 250_20 Road Repair Materials Framework, allowing them to further supply public bodies with high quality cold asphalt solutions.

ESPO is a customer-focused, professional buying organisation, that is committed to passing savings onto the consumer.

The position presents Red Stag Materials, which was founded in 2018, the opportunity to make an even greater impact on the UK’s infrastructure and maintenance sector in the coming months. The company has already made significant strides, having acquired the exclusive UK distribution rights to EZ Street, a product with a trusted and well-regarded reputation on the American market.

Offering a unique, cold asphalt solution, EZ Street enables permanent pothole repairs to be carried out without the use of expensive heavy plant and allows for them to be useable immediately.

Not only does this mean that repairing potholes with EZ Street becomes a single person job, EZ Street can also be bulk bought and safely stored for up to 12 months.

Grant Shewan, managing director of Red Stag Materials said “We are very pleased to have been accepted onto the ESPO framework, and hope that through this, we will be able to pass on the many benefits of our high quality products such as EZ Street to public bodies and institutions.”

“The product will not only enable public sectors to go further with their budgets by using an extremely cost-effective solution, but EZ Street also substitutes the diesel that is found in many cold asphalt solutions for bio-fuel, meaning that it is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly pothole solution.”

“We have already worked with local authorities and councils up and down the country to provide a solution to the pothole problem that is both efficient and effective, and we are looking forward to seeing how we can expand that through the ESPO framework”

Due to how easy it is to store and stockpile EZ Street, Red Stag Materials has been able to assist local governments across the UK during the COVID-19 lockdown.  The company has been able to supply local government with 100s of tonnes of EZ Street Asphalt, transported across the country to meet the needs of councils and local authorities.

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