Red and blue manifolds

JG Speedfit offers a range of 2, 3 and 4 port manifolds. The manifolds have colour coded hot and cold knobs that allow control over individual pipe runs. This means the manifolds can isolate the pipe runs for service or replacement, without the need to turn the water off to the whole building.

The manifolds are manufactured from high quality brass and feature the unique JG Speedfit pushfit connection for easy installation. The ¾” M x F inlets and outlets can be connected together to make a theoretically endless distribution system, providing there is enough water pressure. The manifolds are joined by a patented design, which allows the installer to tighten two manifolds together and align them before making the final seal with the backnut and ‘O’ ring.

The manifolds are ideal for installations such as bathrooms in flats or multi outlet installations such as basins, toilets or showers in commercial or domestic applications. The control knobs have the means to identify the pipe run as basin, bath, sink, shower, toilet, bidet or washing machine.

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