Recruitment industry is at an all time high

The UK annual recruitment industry is worth over £25 billion and rising. Our vision is to provide the best job-board for Employers and Individuals to match their skills direct.

Skillsdirect is enabling proactive Individuals with the right skills to apply direct to Employers without the need, expense and delay of using recruiters. Individuals applying direct have major advantages – there is no need to keep CV’s updated to thousands of recruiters or their jobboards to avoid the risk of missing the ideal job or not being found due to an incorrect word search or a bad match by inexperienced recruiters. Worse still recruiters will not release CV contact details to Employers unless they agree to pay huge recruitment fees.

Most Employers prefer to recruit direct to get the right skills instead of wasting time and money trawling through ‘tailored’ and badly matched agency CV’s. Ensure your latest CV Resume is on Skillsdirect and get an email alert when your ideal job is uploaded direct by an Employer.

Skillsdirect is always completely free to Individuals and Employers pay from only £10 a month to advertise their skills requirements.

Visit now and connect direct with the right Employers and Individuals.

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