Recover your energy with Ecobox

VES is proud to announce the release of their new Ecobox heat recovery solution.

The Ecobox is a plate heat exchanger that eliminates cross contamination of fresh air. It is ideal for confined areas with no space for fan units, or if you already have a fan system in place.

The Ecobox has a thermal lining with casing made from galvanised sheet steel. The cased plate heat exchangers provide 50-65% heat recovery dependant on conditions.

With easy installation the Ecobox can be used in conjunction with many VES and other manufacturer’s products.

Ecobox units can be hung or secured to a base with round spigots for easy ductwork connection.

The Ecobox also has condensate drain pan to exhaust with ¾” BSP side connections.

The Ecobox is available now in six different models online. A discounted price will apply during October, November and December.

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