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The use of a Trend BEMS has cut energy bills by more than £100,000 within two years at the London headquarters of the Financial Times (FT).

The headquarters of the world-renowned FT newspaper is located adjacent to Southwark Bridge on the banks of the River Thames. Arranged over seven storeys, it is home to a 1,100-strong workforce, and as part of an ongoing drive to improve performance, reduce CO2 emissions and cut energy costs, the company wanted to ensure that all building services were functioning as efficiently as possible.

The first place to start was the BEMS – and Chartwell Energy Solutions, part of the Chartwell Group, was called in to offer its advice. Andy Horrigan, the company’s Energy Manager, comments, ‘We were tracking the emergence of a new platform called Demand Logic – a plug-and-play system that collects data directly from a facility’s BEMS. Within a week, it could offer a complete snapshot of how the building services were operating. It appeared to be the perfect tool with which to analyse a building as large and multifaceted as the FT’s London home.’

The device is plugged into the Trend BEMS control panel, which collects data and broadcasts it to the cloud and software in the form of a web-based interface, which collates that data into a central, secure location.

‘This allows us to pinpoint exactly where the issues are,’ says Andy Horrigan. ‘At the FT building, we could piece together a picture within a week, built from 25,000 data points throughout the network. Once we had a clear snapshot of what was actually happening, we could then start asking questions based on our engineering expertise and work out whether issues were centred on software or hardware.’


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