Reach greater savings with DANLERS IP66 rated PIR switches

DANLERS have launched a new range of cost-effective IP66 rated presence detection PIR switches for the automatic control of lighting and ventilation. The products detect movement within the detection area and control the load accordingly.

All controls in this range feature a high definition sensor for greater detection accuracy. The new CEPD 17MH versions can be ceiling mounted up to an impressive 17m height with a potential detection range of 24m diameter. The WAPD IP66 versions can be wall mounted and have a range up to 10m when walking towards the control.

Each control is suitable for switching up to 10 amps (2500W) of most loads and 6 amps (1500W) LED (PF ≥ 0.95).

CEPD 17MH and WAPD IP66 are available in either white or black enclosures are suitable for indoor or outdoor use in a range of challenging applications including: public and garden areas within housing associations, utilities and storage areas, car parks etc.

For more details please contact the DANLERS team:

Tel: 01249 443377 – Fax: 01249 443388



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