RC-Passport software from Reliable Controls.

Looking to integrate BACnet security objects into your building automation system without the need for a third-party gateway? RC-Passport®, a flexible, scalable BACnet building security solution from Reliable Controls®, provides BACnet-based integration between physical security and building automation and is the next logical step to both maximise the operating efficiency of your building systems and complete your product portfolio. Use RC-Passport to:

  • Strictly control and track access to facility entries, restricted areas, server racks, secured cabinets, and specialised equipment
  • Follow occupant preferences down to the level of every individual enrolled in the system
  • Easily automate credential-based access and scheduling, visitor management, and incident elevation and lockdown sequences
  • Control any size environment, from single-door applications to large campuses

Reduce your programming and training time today with this customisable software that integrates IP cameras, access control, intrusion-detection devices, and more in an industry-standard SQL framework. Learn more today.

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