Raychem makes its mark for Arsenal

Raychem electric self-regulating heat-tracing systems are being employed for temperature maintenance to hot water services and for frost protection to cold water feeds at the new Emirates Stadium, being built by Sir Robert McAlpine for Arsenal, in Islington, north London.

The Raychem HWAT system is a simple, effective and intelligent means of ensuring instant hot water is available at every hot tap, including those on ‘dead legs’, through a single pipe system. By heat-tracing the pipework, water temperatures can be maintained at a constant 55°C, without any need for secondary recirculation plumbing. This temperature maintenance solution is not only significantly more energy-efficient than conventional re-circulation systems but, in eliminating return pipework, also offers space, material and installation time/cost savings too.

Electric heat-tracing is also being employed for frost protection to exposed cold water feeds around the stadium, including the toilets, concessions and the fire hose reel system. Here again Raychem self-regulating heating cables offer significant energy-savings as they only activate in response to low ambient temperatures and deliver just the minimum amount of power required to prevent freezing.

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