Ramp heating for Shannon’s Mill

Tyco Thermal Controls’ robust Raychem electric ramp heating systems have been installed in a new 1000 space, four storey car park serving eight new retail outlets and 41 apartments at the Shannon’s Mill development in Walsall. Raychem heating cables have been employed to prevent ice formation or snow accumulation on the car park’s exposed top spiral vehicle ramp and a pedestrian walkway that offers shoppers a direct route from the car park into an Asda store.
Jointing Technologies, a Tyco Thermal Controls Distributor Partner, was commissioned to supply and install over 1500 metres of heating cable and appropriate control systems by the project consultant and M & E contractor, Hemway Contracting. Separate heating controls for the ramp and walkway were engineered by building Raychem VIA DU-20 Smart controllers into a 3-phase customised control panel.

Raychem ramp-heating systems feature robust self-regulating heating cables, specially designed for embedding in concrete or sand. Whenever the ambient temperature falls below 3°C (variable set point) and moisture is also detected by the ramp surface sensors, these cables power up and deliver just the heat required to keep the surface free of snow and ice. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications in exposed environments where it is essential to keep vehicular and pedestrian access available in freeze temperatures. Ramp heating can be used to prevent frost damage, maintain service continuity and enhance safety around commercial and public buildings and industrial sites. Complete systems, including Raychem Smart controllers, are energy-efficient, easy to programme and can be incorporated into building management systems.

The Shannon’s Mill development has been built by Norwest Holst, for developer Norton & Proffitt, and has been welcomed as part of the regeneration of the town of Walsall.

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