Raising awareness of the ATEX Directive

The companies in the FMA that supply fans that are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (such as flour mills) have noticed a serious lack of awareness amongst end-users of their responsibilities under the ATEX Directive
To help, the FMA has produced a two-page free information paper that will help end users understand their responsibilities under the ATEX directive, which is available from www.feta.co.uk/fma/index  

If you have areas on your site where potentially explosive gases, vapours or dust could combine with air then you need to know about ATEX because if there is an explosion, you will be held to account. As the end user it is your responsibility to ensure your site is safe and that all equipment in hazardous areas conforms to the ATEX regulations.

In the event of an accident at a site not conforming to the ATEX legislation the end user will be liable for prosecution, which could result in a lengthy prison sentence.

All new installations must conform to this regulation.

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