Radio remote switching

NoWyr (No Wire) has introduced a range of remote wireless switching products. The system is a complete solution housed in an IP65 enclosure.

Systems can be supplied from battery, low voltage 10-24V ac or dc or directly from mains 240V ac.

The units can be operated from fixed sender, triggered by normally open or normally closed contacts or application of a voltage or from battery powered transmitters.

All units are transceivers making it possible to confirm switching operation to the sender unit. Dual channel, 8 channels, fixed and hand held battery transmitters are also available.

Independent timers and ‘watch dog’ is available where communication integrity is important. The unit is also extremely versatile; the customer can specify the particular requirement and the specific system can be configured despatched same day.

The system combines standard hardware offering the cost and availability of a volume produced product with simple software configuration providing a readily available custom solution.

The system can provide operation in excess of 1km dependent on application and rf specification.

To complement the system Nowyr offer a complete GSM based text message switch and alarm detection system.

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