Radio extends fire systems

In heritage sites, installing fire detection system cables can sometimes be a particularly expensive and difficult process as the historic architecture of the building has to be respected. In such situations, radio communications between the detectors, call points and panel will reduce the implementation cost of the fire system.
System Sensor’s new radio capability consists of a stand alone radio based system and extension to the traditional Series 200 plus wired system.

The addressable system consists of a gateway module that extends the wired system on the loop, by translating the radio detectors address into a wired equivalent. Up to 98 radio call points and 99 radio detectors can be addressed through each module, each detector being seen as a unique address by the panel.

The unit’s range is 300m in free air, automatic frequency and channel changing through channel monitoring guarantees robust communications between the module and devices. The stand-alone control panel controls up to 32 detectors or call points in two fire zones.

Both the addressable and conventional units sequentially interrogate each radio detector and radio call point every 90 seconds.

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