Rada wages war on germs

A new report detailing the emergence of new super virulent strains of Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff) has re-emphasised the importance of effective infection prevention – particularly hand washing – in the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs).

A new weapon in the fight against HCAIs – particularly the likes of C. Diff – is the Acu from Rada, the worldwide experts in commercial showering, washroom controls, fittings and systems. It represents a new generation of digital thermostatic mixing valves, specifically designed to bring effective non-touch controlled hand-washing facilities to the total range of healthcare applications.

Providing non-touch operation greatly reduces the possibility of cross-infection between washbasin users; while the smooth finished user interface is far more resistant to rigorous cleaning than chrome alternatives.

Offering an enhanced aesthetic – which assists in de-institutionalising the hospital environment – Acu features programmable maximum, minimum and default temperatures, duty flush and thermal disinfection capabilities – important tools in the fight to control legionella – complemented by temperature logging and data logging functions.

Both the spout and controls are inset into proprietary wall panel systems and can be accessed, programmed and maintained without the need to demount the panels.


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