Rada goes electronic

Rada has introduced the Tripoint-F electronic basin tap, an ideal no touch tap for public washrooms and hand washing environments such as offices, hotels, leisure and sports facilities, surgeries and similar.
Easy to install and serviceable from above the basin, Tripoint-F makes use of a unique battery powered infrared sensor technology called Tripoint that works in a similar manner to an auto focus camera. This produces highly reliable operation, accurately sensing the true distance of an object in relation to the infrared eye, regardless of reflections, clothing colour or light variations.

Tripoint-F is a three in one product, having the capability to be installed with pre-mixed supplies and with or without temperature adjustment when installed with separate hot and cold supplies.

The Tripoint-F features a transmitter and receiver. When the user approaches the tap and their hands enter the ‘triangle’ – approximately 14cms – it activates the water flow. Because of the accuracy of the beam transmission and reflection, false activations – a problem prevalent with many infrared designs – are greatly reduced.

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