Putting a dampener on drainage

For above-ground cast iron drainage systems in installations where high acoustic performance is a requirement, Saint-Gobain Pipelines has introduced a new acoustic dampener fitted to its standard bracket which potentially eliminates the need for lagging laid down in the guidelines for pipes passing through walls and floors. Part of its Ensign range, the bracket offers an exceptional sound deadening performance which has been tested to new European standards.
Whilst UK building regulations for sound insulation and noise reduction do not specifically cover requirements for wastewater systems, acoustics performance in buildings such as high-rise residential buildings, hospitals and schools is becoming increasingly important. In developing the new Ensign bracket, Saint-Gobain Pipelines has tested Ensign to the new European BS EN 14366:2004 standard which specifies a method for laboratory measurement of the airborne and structure-borne sound produced in wastewater and rainwater installations.

Test results for the Ensign system using ductile iron brackets fitted with the acoustic dampener recorded an exceptionally low decibel level of 11dB(A) at four litres per second.

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