Putting 2019 under the spotlight

2019 may have been overshadowed by talk of Brexit, but in many areas, it has been business as usual.

This was true for Grundfos whose battery of pumps and pump solutions were present at many of the year’s other memorable moments, including in April when all eyes turned to the new £1 billion new 62,000-seater Tottenham Hotspurs stadium that is supported by a range of Grundfos specialist circulators, booster and pressurisation sets.

Then Glastonbury hit the headlines and making sure there was availability and accessibility to sufficient clean water, saw Grundfos put forward a coordinated approach that involved the upgrade of the pump motors to more energy efficient versions, the incorporation of a new precision dosing system and a remote monitoring system that delivered significantly improved data exchange.

To overcome the challenge of the British weather, Wimbledon reconfigured Court No 1 and fitted a retractable roof. The pump solution to support this upgrade, included 48 Grundfos Unilift drainage pumps who will remove any excess water.

We are excited to think about the Grundfos solutions that will be waiting in the wings to support a myriad of new and exciting ventures in the next decade. Visit www.grundfos.co.uk to find out more.

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