Purpose-designed comfort

Incorporating an air purifier, the new CIAT Ozonair Coadis Medical Comfort is the first comfort unit on the market specifically designed for hospital rooms.  It meets the most demanding air quality requirements, providing optimum health safety.  At the same time, it provides patients with the best levels of thermal and acoustic comfort, while optimising performance throughout the building.

The Coadis Medical Comfort is an air conditioning and treatment terminal unit that is compact and discreet in design.  It incorporates an all-in-one diffusion system allowing installation in suspended ceilings in the entrance corridors of hospital rooms, saving floor space.

The unit incorporates CIAT’s exclusive Purify function which avoids the harmful effects of PM2.5 fine particles in three ways:  the use of a filter capable of reducing PM2.5 particulates by 90% in 30 minutes; the protection of the air inlet to avoid intake of bacteria present in suspended ceilings; and the thorough mixing of the air and optimized, uniform diffusion of treated air in the room.

This means the room is treated as a whole and the ambient environment is protected against urban pollution, poorly-maintained ducting and releases of construction materials. 


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