Purmo’s plan for all seasons

The Plan Compact from Purmo is a white panel radiator with a minimalist, elegant look, suitable for an array of living spaces. It has an absolutely flat front with lucent lamination, which consists of attached top and side panels. This covers the Compact in such a way that no overlapping corners can be seen from the front.

Available in five heights ranging from 300mm to 900mm and 16 lengths stretching from 400mm to 3,000mm, the Plan Compact can also be connected in the middle, making installation simpler and virtually invisible. All models up to 1,600mm in length come with two fixing brackets, while those longer than 1,600mm come with three.

Similarly, the Plan Compact Ventil combines the timeless, beautiful elegance of a perfectly flat front with the advantages of an integrated valve connection. It has a perfectly smooth panel front, without any detracting elements such as overlapping side covers. Its integrated valve body enables connection from below and it comes with a two pipe system as standard, although it can also be naturally integrated into a one pipe system.


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