Purmo is ahead of the rest

Purmo’s innovative Vertical panel radiator, already a firm favourite for conventional systems, should also be top of the list when specifying heat emitters for use with low temperature heating systems. Unlike many of its rivals, which are simply horizontal models turned sideways, Purmo’s Vertical is designed using proven convection technology specifically for use as a vertical model, making it perfectly suited to give a truly energy efficient output from lower water temperatures, while delivering a stunning designer look.

Highly practical as well as good looking, Purmo’s Vertical is offered in an exceptionally compact width of 300mm, allowing it to fit on narrow wall spaces alcoves or pillars, while freeing up space for furniture. Its imposing height of up to 2300mm makes a dramatic statement in any setting, while the absence of a floor connection, thanks to a recently redesigned and highly secure bracket fitting, maximises its beauty, discourages dust collection, and simplifies cleaning. With a precisely finished side panel design, it boasts some of the industry’s cleanest lines.


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