Purchasing attitudes remain intact post Brexit

In a post-Brexit vote survey undertaken by manufacturer, Giacomini UK, 76% of those questioned said country of manufacture was an important factor when it came to purchasing.

When asked if the country of origin was checked before purchasing building and HVAC supplies, just 19% said that they never check – which demonstrates the importance of a product’s origin when making decisions about purchasing.

Some 83.5% of respondents said they preferred to buy products from a European manufacturer, with only 8% saying that they would never buy a product if they knew it was made in Europe.

The survey also focused on more specific issues within the HVAC industry and asked respondents if heat interface units had made converting offices to residential properties more achievable.

An overwhelming 84% agreed, which reinforces the noticeable growth that Giacomini UK has seen since regulations surrounding planning permission were altered, meaning that Class B1 offices could be converted to Class C3 residential dwellings without the need for specific planning and development permission.

Matt Lowe, Managing Director of Giacomini UK – which produces plumbing brassware and radiator valves in Italy – commented: “Post-Brexit attitudes towards all the EU were always going to be interesting and our survey gave us some fascinating insights into mindsets and purchasing decision making factors.

“It would appear that people are now more conscious of where products come from but that EU products are still thought to be the best – despite the outcome of the referendum!”



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