Pulling cables is easy

At last help is at hand for that often tricky and difficult of jobs; pulling cable into pre-installed trunking or conduit. How often have you wished for an easier and less arduous way to overcome the problems of cable bending and snagging, or found that despite best efforts the conduit or trunking has some debris inside that stops or impairs the installation?

Well now there is an answer to both these on-site problems with the introduction of a brand new solution, a product called the LANCORD 20 from Nicoletti. This ingenious device has been designed to pull cables up to 20 metres in length and up to a total weight of 25kg with just the press of a button.

Light weight yet built to last, the patented drive will never let you down, makes light work of pulling cables and can be used with any popular make of drill. If required, however, LANCORD 20 can also be supplied complete with its own dedicated drill.

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