Protection for Yorkshire’s Pride

Contractors Shepherd Engineering Services Ltd (SES) has used Hager’s sub distribution boards for Yorkshire’s tallest building, Bridgewater Place.
Towering above Leeds, the new building rises to 32 floors and has 21,800 square metres of office space.

Hager has supplied panelboards, TP&N and SP&N boards for all the offices. Panelboards tap off the rising busbar as the main board on each floor. These in turn feed TP&N and SP&N boards for local circuit protection.

The boards provide circuit protection and metering for all of the landlord supplies and tenant lighting and power. Metering enables the landlord to accurately charge tenants for the electricity that they consume and to also measure energy consumption.

Ashley Rawson Senior Project Engineer for SES said: “The scale of this project was immense. The building was always going to have multiple tenants so the sub distribution and metering solutions had to be flexible to meet these needs.”

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