ProShowerlite kit from Manrose

New from Manrose Manufacturing, ProShowerlite (the Professional Showerlite Fan Kit) incorporates seven different pieces of ventilation equipment in one package. Providing an effective and powerful way to extend household ventilation, the new kit contains everything required to provide extra ventilation for the bathroom, shower or any other room in the house.
ProShowerlite includes a high performance, in-line centrifugal fan, a bracket for simple installation in the roof, a showerlite with a built-in extended reducer, one exterior inlet, 10 metres of 100mm/4″ flexible PVC ducting, wall grille, PVC T-Piece connector and a T12 series SELV (safety extra low voltage) transformer.
The 120mm/5″ Showerlite included in the kit is a totally enclosed, sealed unit for total IP waterproof protection and has an attractive chrome finish to complement fixtures and fittings. The Manrose Showerlite has a built-in extended reducer to reduce to 100mm/4″ and uses a 12V 50W sealed dichroic lamp to combine a rich, warm glow of soft illumination with fast, quiet and efficient ventilation. The Showerlite is connected to an in-line centrifugal fan with a powerful extraction rate of up to 180m3/h 50 lps, which exceeds current building regulations.
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