Prolojik lights up 97,600 sq ft of new build London office space at 40 Chancery Lane, London

Lighting control system designer and manufacturer Prolojik has supplied an open protocol system to 40 Chancery Lane, a major new commercial building in central London.

Prolojik provided shell, core and client fit-out of the 97,600 sq ft new build office development featuring its networked DALI lighting control solution, which provides full control and emergency monitoring of the building’s efficiently designed lighting installation.

Specified by M&E consulting engineers at professional services firm Arup, Prolojik’s networked DALI system was selected for its open protocol design, allowing any in-house engineer or third party contractor to access, maintain and adapt the system in the future, offering complete flexibility for the client. Open protocol technology is also highly resource-efficient when integrating multiple control products, offering speed of installation and scalability throughout all levels within a building’s architecture. A further benefit of Prolojik’s solution was its compact design which ensured that the electrical risers did not become too tight for other equipment needed.

The project also integrated emergency monitoring and testing within the lighting control system, exploiting the intelligence already within the luminaires to remove the necessity of a secondary system. Industry standard DALI invertors coupled with Prolojik’s open protocol system are able to provide the client with all the feedback required via Prolojik’s Perspective software, which allows the client to initiate the statutory emergency test at a time that suits the occupiers, identifying any issues and works required. The result is an integrated system that is more cost effective, simpler to manage and streamlined for the client, without compromising on functionality.

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